Fresh Green Asparagus

Besides its exquisite taste, this vegetable contains multiple health benefits. The most important, that we would like to highlight, are its high content of fiber, and its high content of folate (Type of vitamin B, a derivative of the folate is the folic acid). Likewise, possess many vitamins such as A, C, E and K, which are needed to maintain a good nutrition. Furthermore, the green asparagus is the ideal ally against the diabetes because it helps to metabolize glucose, and regulate insulin.

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Frozen Green Asparagus

The frozen asparagus retains the asparagus flavor of the fresh product with all its healthy benefits, but with the added value of a longer shelf-life. Likewise, it can be distributed in two presentations spears, and cut and tips.

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Grape variety : Flame y Red Globe

Grape Flame

This variety is an early-season of red seedless grape table. Brilliantly red, juicy, and sweet it stands out for its sweet flavor that goes very well in any healthy dessert.

Grape Red Globe

This variety is well-known around the world for its overall quality, mildly sweetness and flavorful, these grapes are a great snack to share with the family and friends.

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