Fundo San Fernando S.A. is established in 1998 thanks to the initiatives of private Peruvian investors, with the main objective of consolidating an agricultural business with great dedication with know-how and a strong social impact. To this end, after many years of perfecting the development of the crop and the business line of the Fresh Asparagus it is decided in 2005 to inaugurate its own packing facility along with the development of its own brand: “Agricola la Joya”.

In 2007, the company decided to integrate a new line of business with the objective of increasing crop efficiencies and diversifying its sales strategies. For that reason, an IQF Frozen Plant is implemented, with the objective of achieving greater positioning in the different markets worldwide and improve the profitability of its production process.

In 2009, it was decided to implement the cultivation of table grapes with the purpose of entering the fresh fruit market. For that reason, it was chosen to plant the varieties Red Globe and Flame, which are currently very demanding by their consumers. Continuing the investments, the construction of the grape packing plant was completed in November 2015, which allowed us to ensure and consolidate the control of the process of all our crops and thus improve efficiencies in the different lines of business of the company.


Grow, process and export sustainably natural food of high quality, and nutritional value. Complying with the highest standards of quality and efficiency, promoting social welfare and community development, practices that allow us to meet the highest demands of the different international markets.


Consolidate our position as one of the leading export companies of fresh asparagus, and of fastest growing in the table grapes business for the 2027.